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When the going gets tough... Rely on yourself to get unstuck!

There is no bigger letdown than heading out to your favorite ice hole just to get stuck in the snow or slush on your way out. Fortunately, this annoying situation is now a breeze to get out of with the Arctic Anchor.

Up to 10,000 lbs breaking strength

Works on any winched UTV or ATV

Only 2.5 lbs and 20" long

Patent Pending

The Arctic Anchor was created by an ice fisherman who was sick of asking for others to come pull him out of the snow and slush while out on the lake. He wanted to come up with a solution that would allow him to enjoy the experience of ice fishing without having to worry about whether or not his ATV would get stuck with no way out. The Arctic Anchor helps you make the most out of the hard water season by providing a tool to get you out of any wet or slushy situation without calling for help. Simply drill a hole in the ice, drop in the anchor, and use the winch on your vehicle to pull you out of the muck with ease.

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