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Find the answers to our most common questions below:

What size is the Arctic Anchor?

The Arctic Anchor is a very compact 20 inches long making storage Simple and easy. The strap is 8 feet long. This ensures no ice is too thick for a self-recovery no matter the conditions.

What is the Arctic Anchor™ made out of?

The Arctic Anchor is made from high quality American made materials. The 8’ strap is industrial strength nylon webbing. The load bar is made from custom extruded structural grade high strength aluminum. The hardware is high quality marine grade stainless steel to resist corrosion.

What is the capacity of the Arctic Anchor?

The Arctic Anchor has an ultimate breaking strength of 10,000lbs, making even the toughest self-recovery a breeze.

How much does the Arctic Anchor weigh?

The Arctic Anchor is exceptionally light weight, at only 2.5lbs it is the clear choice for your self-recovery needs.

Do I need to have a winch on my machine to use the Arctic Anchor?

The answer is no, the Arctic Anchor can be used with a simple hand winch or any other hand operated recovery device of suitable rating.

Does the Arctic Anchor need to be hooked to the winch line to work?

The answer is no. When recovering an object or another vehicle, the open end of the Arctic Anchor can be connected to the hitch on the rear of the recovery vehicle to “anchor” the recovery vehicle in place. This allows the winch line to be used for pulling/recovering another object or vehicle.

What size holes does the Arctic Anchor work in?

The Arctic Anchor works in any size auger hole up to 10” making it the ultimate one size fits all recovery tool.

Does the Arctic Anchor come with a bag?

Yes, the Arctic Anchor comes in a durable mesh bag. The mesh bag allows for the anchor to dry if it is accidentally put away wet. It features an easy-to-use drawstring closure with an adjustable carrying strap.

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